United Europe - Panel discussion

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21.09.2021 - 17:00
United Europe - Panel discussion

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Topic: Does the EU need migration or does it even have a choice?, with Gerald Knaus (Founding Chairman of the European Stability Initiative, ESI), Alexander Wolffhard (Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Group, tbc), Ola Henrikson (Regional Director for the International Organisation for Migration at the Brussels Regional Office), Assita Kanko (Member of the European Parliament), Martin Schoeller (Co-Chairman and a Managing Director of the Schoeller Group) and James Candon (Moderator, Managing Director, United Europe). The images of forlorn children, women and men risking their lives to reach Europe should make us stop and think. Europe is clearly a desirable place to live and work. What can and should we be doing to stop people putting their lives at risk in trying to get to Europe? What are the positive aspects of migration for the economy and diversity of Europe? The number of migrants seeking to enter the EU along its southern borders risks becoming overwhelming.

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