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politik&kommunikation is the leading German-language magazine for political communication. We have been informing political and public affairs professionals about current trends and developments since 2002. The political address database has been an integral part of our offering since 2005.

Select the decision-makers from politics and society who are important to you from our extensive address database. Take advantage of the many years of experience of our professional research team and the up-to-date information provided by the politikszene editorial team.

Communicate your concerns simply, conveniently and quickly by letter or e-mail: All contacts are supplied with postal address and e-mail in Excel format suitable for serial letters and can also be transferred to your address database. Please note that the addresses are to be used exclusively for the purpose of political communication and information. Our address lists are GDPR-compliant and data protection-compliant.

Please note that German VAT will not be charged in addition to our mailing list prices if an EU VAT number (outside Germany) is provided.


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